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Rossinver Fishery is located on Lough Melvin set in the green pastures of the northern corner of County Leitrim and the western corner of County Fermanagh.

The lough is a post glacial salmonid lake fed with nine rivers and small streams and runs to the sea at Lareen through the Drowes River. 

The Fishery is bound by the political border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland from the mouth of the Kilcoo River (The Border River) in the south eastern end of the lough to Maguire's Island on the northern shore and from there to the townland of Glack on the south western shore.

Rossinver Fishery maintain, within their permit waters, a fly fishing only section in Eden Bay and Rossinver Bay. Salmon are caught anywhere on the lough, but these two bays are rated to be the best as the salmon accumulate to spawn in the Glenaniff  River.

Fly fishing for trout is excellent throughout the lough requiring different techniques for the two most sought after species the sonaghan and the gillaroo. The sonaghan usually frequent the deeper waters and feed on daphnia and emerging insects, whereas the gillaroo feed on mollusc.