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Competition C&R Rules


A life jacket is a personal safety device which, when fully inflated, will provide sufficient buoyancy to turn and support an unconscious person face upwards within five seconds. It will support the person’s head, with the mouth and nose well clear of the water.

  1. All competitors fish at their own risk. The committee and organisers will not be responsible for accidents, injury, or loss.
  2. ALL BOATS being launched must have a VALID Steam Wash Certificate, see entry form or website for additional information.
  3. A mobile phone number must be supplied by all participating anglers. Compulsory for acceptance of entry form, and participation in the event.
  4. All boats must be in good condition, and must be a minimum of 18ft in length, with a minimum 4hp engine in good running order.
  5. The competition will start at 11 am, and all boats must be back inside the markers in Eden Bay by 5 pm, otherwise this will result in disqualification, subject to the Competition Committee’s final decision. With Match Cards handed in by 5:30 pm.
  6. Only trout will count.
  7. Only traditional wet and dry fly fishing is permitted. No trolling of flies, baits or spinners is allowed. No bait fishing or Dapping. Any angler found breaching this rule will be disqualified.
  8. Nobody other than the two competing anglers are allowed in a boat.
  9. No Proxy anglers are allowed.
  10. Fishing from the shore is not allowed.
  11. All entrants are enrolled as members of Rossinver Fishery whilst they are competing in the event.
  12. No boat may drift within 100 yards of the boat in front or cut in on the drift of another boat.
  13. Each angler must have only one rod assembled at a time in the boat.
  14. Only single hook flies are permitted, and no more than FOUR flies can be used on a single cast at the same time.
  15. It is recommended that landing nets with rubberised mesh coatings are used, and that competitors should wet their hands before handling fish.
  16. Eligible fish must measure a minimum of 27cm in length, measured from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail. Fish must be measured and recorded using the official measuring “Bump-board” issued by the organizers to each competitor. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  17. Oversized fish rule: The competition Bump-boards will be used to measure eligible fish between 27cm and 45cm (the upper limit). Any larger trout will be classified as “Over-sized fish” and will receive the full 45 centimetres PLUS a bonus 10cm, resulting in a recordable length of 55cm (representing the highest score recordable for an individual fish). A photograph should be taken to show the fish in or beside the Bump-board, clearly showing it to exceed the 45cm mark.
  18. In the unlikely event of the same fish being caught twice by the same angler or boat partner on the same day, it will only count ONCE, that being the first time it was caught.
  19. Each competitor must start the competition with a fully charged mobile phone, capable of taking a date and time-stamped digital photograph of each eligible fish.
  20. PHOTOGRAPHING THE FISH: This should clearly show the trout LEFT side uppermost, with nose touching the Bump-board stop to the left, as depicted in the photographs below.
  21. When a fish has been successfully photographed it should be gently returned to the water, using wet hands when handling the fish.
  22. Official “Match Cards” will be issued to each competitor along with a waterproof marker pen, contained in Zip-lock bag. This should be used to record all eligible fish. A maximum of 20 fish can be recorded, at which point the angler should stop fishing, whilst allowing his boat partner to continue. Should both anglers reach 20 eligible fish each, then they should cease fishing and return to the harbour to submit in their Match Cards to the competition committee officials.
  23. As soon as possible after releasing the fish, your Match Card should be completed. Clearly enter the time of capture (when lifted into the boat), together with the fish length that matches the corresponding digital photograph. When entering the fish length, this should be rounded DOWN to the nearest centimetre. For example, A fish measuring 28.8cm (from nose to fork of tail) should be recorded as 28cm. If in doubt then record to the lower measurement, as it will be marked down in the event of review by the competition committee. The decision of the competition committee is final.
  24. Match Cards must be signed by each angler and counter-signed by each boat partner to confirm that they are a true and accurate record of eligible fish caught. See sample completed Match Card on our website.
  25.  All competition measuring “Bump-boards” must be returned to the competition officials at the harbour at the end of the event.
  26. Completed Match Cards must be submitted to the organising Committee officials at the Harbour by 5:30pm. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  27. The winning prizes will be based on the anglers with the highest score, computed by adding together the total length of their catch.
  28. All prizes MUST be collected on the Final night at the presentation event held at the Rossinver Community Centre. Refreshments will also be provided for those who attend.
  29. All fish must be released, any dead fish found in a boat will result in disqualification.
  30. No fish finders or depth finders are allowed.
  31. No electric engines, drogues, anchors, fish / depth finders, are allowed during the competition. However, the use of oars for aid of drifting is permissible.
  32. No Lead Core lines.
  33. Competitors found discarding litter or leader material etc, risk disqualification at the discretion of the competition committee.
  34. The Competition Committee’s decision is final in all matters relating to the competition. The Committee reserves the right to postpone, alter or cancel the competition in the event of adverse weather, or for any other reason that they believe interferes with the running of the competition. ALL entries are accepted subject to this rule.
  35. The Final Day: Balancing the number of “Anglers with own boat” with that of “Angler only” competitors:

    In order to ensure that the required balance of numbers in each category of “Angler with own boat and engine” and those qualifying as “Angler only”, the Competition Committee will randomly draw from the pool of qualifiers of “Anglers with own boat and engine” a number of anglers who will be re-assigned to “Angler only “status and placed in a boat with another “Angler with own boat”, this will only apply in the event of a surplus of “Anglers with own boat” qualifying for the final. In the event of the opposite occurring where too many “Angler only” competitors qualify for the final, then the Competition Committee will organise additional boats and boatmen (if required) to ensure a balance is achieved.
  36. Boats and engines should be good condition and safe order. Engines should be well maintained and of a size that complies with the manufacturers safety recommendations for the boat being used on. A minimum of 4hp is required.
  37. Any entry which is refused by the committee will be returned along with the entry fees paid. The committee is not obliged to provide explanation.
  38. The Competition Committee’s decisions are final in all matters relating to this competition.