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General Rules & Regulations

The Open Season shall be from 1st February until 30th September.

  1. All fishermen entering Rossinver waters from other fisheries either trolling or drifting are required to have a permit from the Rossinver Fishery Syndicate.
  2. Season Ticket Holders must display current season Rossinver Fishery stickers on their boats.
  3. Unless authorised to the contrary the Fishery shall be open on a daily basis between the hours of 9. am and 9. pm or fall of dusk, whichever is earlier.
  4. All persons fishing must hold the appropriate State Licence. They also are required to hold a permit issued by the Club Secretary or Water Keeper.
  5. Anglers are permitted to use a maximum of two rods per angler, with a Maximum of FOUR rods in a boat if two anglers are fishing.
  6. The club is not responsible for members or guests having a legal State fishing license. These are required for salmon fishing in the Republic of Ireland.
  7. Rossinver Bay and Eden Bay above the marker buoys shall be fly fishing only.
  8. All salmon taken must be recorded in the Fishery Book.
  9. There is a bag limit of 4 trout per angler or 8 to the boat. However, we encourage a “catch & release policy for all species” and all gillaroo must be released alive to conserve stocks.
  10. Any person residing permanently in the Republic of Ireland within a radius of 5 miles from Rossinver Post Office shall be offered free of charge the opportunity of obtaining a permit to fish any part of the Fishery Water, provided that trolling shall be restricted to the Roosky Shore and Farrell’s Bay.
  11. The Syndicate does not run nor encourage competition fishing which involves killing of wild trout. However, Rossinver water (with the the exception of Eden Bay and Rossinver Bay) may be accessible to other organisations’ competitions provided organisers request, in writing, permission to fish. A fee may be payable.
  12. The Fishery reserves the right to withdraw all such concessions in the event of failure to comply with the terms previously offered