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Safety Regulations & Emergency contacts.

1. Life jackets must be worn.

2. If you are not competent in boat handling- take a ghillie.

3. Check weather and forecast before commencing fishing- weather conditions can change quickly on the lough

4. Make sure you have a well charged mobile phone with you. In event of breakdown contact- Phil (Calling from ROI) 00447968155703 or 07968155703 from NI. For access or issues relating to boats & fuel call PJ Gilbride (ROI) 0862 399537.

5. In event of emergency phone 999 or 112 (coastguard) – state the nature of the emergency and your location.

6. Any non-member taking out a boat must sign our boat hire sheet

Lough Melvin is a large lough and becomes dangerous in high winds; it has reefs and rocky shoals which are hazardous even on a calm day. When intending to use a boat anglers should notify someone about where they are fishing and what time they are due to return. It is essential to be familiar with boat handling on large loughs and be capable of rowing the boat in case of engine failure.

Anglers should wear suitable protective waterproof clothing fishing from a boat. Suitable and appropriate footwear should be worn at all times. When fly fishing, the angler should wear a protective set of sunglasses or safety glasses for eye protection and a hat.

Check the weather forecast for gale force winds or thunder & lightening. Do not forget your rod usually contains a lot of carbon fibre which acts as a lightening conductor.

If using your own boat have a good pair of oars and a pair of oarlocks/tholl pins. Check that the engine is working properly. Always have enough fuel to cover all eventualities.

When using a syndicate boat and engine please ensure to check the fuel level to ensure that you have sufficient fuel before setting out. If necessary, ask the water keeper to refill the tank.
Under NO circumstances should you add your own fuel, nor try to refill yourself using the syndicate fuel supplies.

Do not smoke or use any naked flame in the boat house.